Monday, March 11, 2019

Too strange to speak

I have been sporadically checking in with the Iditarod this past week and a half, mainly because I am a huge fan of Blair Braverman and her dogs. We had a blustery, bitterly cold several days, and while crunching through the snow with my non-working dogs, I imagined racing across a quiet stretch of wilderness on a sled pulled by dogs gone nearly silent as they run. I don't literally wish I were racing the Iditarod, especially after learning how hard mushing is on the fingers, but it's the best kind of fantasy in March in Maine.

Blair's Twitter is one of the only reasons I still open Twitter. I think she and Nicole Cliff and the kid who pets dogs should be in charge of Twitter 100 percent. If you need a little extra faith in humanity right about now, please go read this thread prompted by Nicole's question "What is the kindest thing a stranger has done or said to you?"

In other news, on a wet and icy city walk with the dogs this morning, I shuffled my feet carefully and thought about how many hours of my childhood I might have wasted spent desperately trying to have telekinesis.

Oh of late I wake with this wedged deeply, intractably, in my head, rather than the dreams that should be lingering there.

My horoscope this week (go find yours!)

"You’re usually so comfortable living inside language, so good at translating your shimmering ideas into words that can be shared. This week, though, you might encounter moments that language fails you. Your emotions might feel inexpressible, too dense, too complicated, too strange to speak. It’s okay. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong — not with the feelings, and not with your words. It just means that language was never meant to do everything. Some experiences are meant to be solitary. Some emotions aren’t asking to be spoken yet, only felt."

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