Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Honi soit qui mal y pense

That phenomenon in which you learn how to pronounce the word metronidazole, so that you can stop calling it "Gus's diarrhea medicine" every time, and then you hear it repeatedly spoken on a podcast (about the Iditarod) and come across it while blurbing the word diphtheria (it's recommended, along with antibiotics, by the CDC, as treatment for humans infected with diphtheria). 

Also, would you ever have guessed that diphtheria has two Hs? Several times a day, daily, I have occasion to think, "Now there's a word that would've lost me the National Spelling Bee."

In actual news of life, while Gus is doing very well, clearly feeling bright and cheerful and hungry-all-the-time, he's off the clinical trial and onto a modified course of chemotherapy. It's shorter than a typical treatment, and paired with another trial drug, but it gives us more of a clear, defined idea of how long he will live — approximately a year. I started to say something self-pitying about how all my dogs die young, and I do wonder what's up with that, but mostly I feel incredibly lucky to have had so many good, good dogs in my life.

In other news of me and my privilege, I am trying not to be whiny about Current Events and Politics. I am sitting pretty in my position as a white, cis, straight, educated, etc etc, person with a home and clean water and a support system etc etc. I have no right to "give up" on all of it, or opt out of caring/resisting. Still.

Me on the Mueller Report = 17 year old Jodie Foster drinking tea during an interview

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