Thursday, February 21, 2019

Try a little Gemütlichkeit

One of those days when it literally takes hours to try to explain, to a hypothetical human aged somewhere between 12 and 112, what a windmill is.*

This is a hotel in the Netherlands: "Ancient times are brought alive in these original corn mills. Unique in its kind!"

I was on a roll with my dream journal and got stalllled for a few days. I did recall some funny details this morning (a trip to New Orleans with a bossy, fictional college friend of Charlotte McDonald's named Katherine, a special necklace with deep significance that I didn't comprehend because I was only pretending I could hear the whispers of the "customs officer" who gave it to me). At the end, just before I woke up, we were watching a scene in a movie in which Anne Hathaway and Anna Kendrick were performing a beautiful a capella version of "Who Let the Dogs Out."

*I still get paid $8 for that blurb. Under normal, brain-fully-functioning circumstances, it works out to a perfectly fairly acceptable hourly rate. 

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