Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Sail through this to that

Usually when that man's voice comes on the radio or a podcast, I turn it off or engage the fast forward option immediately. Sometimes, though, he catches me unaware. The stupidest man in the world is literally the President of the United States of America.

I wish I could figure out a way to be Canadian. Unfortunately, everyone I love is (currently) in this ridiculous country.

Mid-way through the week, here are some highlights:

  • Coffee with Melissa. We did spend a lot of time talking about age, old people, death, etc but still!
  • Dinner with Jason and Colleen. We cooked them this and this and they came out officially not as good as The Honey Paw but not half bad. 
  • I was extremely productive on Monday, less so yesterday. I kind of can't believe yesterday was only Tuesday. Anyway, I did barrel through a printing job, but spent the rest of the day on my mise-en-place for a not-very complicated meal.
  • Besides 10 Things That Scare Me, another new podcast I'm enjoying is Nocturne. Mark and I listened to several episodes of these while we cooked yesterday.
  • Support the Girls was a funny, sweet movie that kind of magically appears to just drift along an ordinary day while doing a lot under the surface. I need to write a haiku review!

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