Thursday, December 06, 2018

Joy is not made to be a crumb*

  • I spilled turmeric on my sweater (turmeric-ginger oatmeal, to be specific, on a new sweater Mark's mom just gave me for an early Christmas gift, to be specific) and then went down a YouTube rabbit hole, into a world where Indian woman clean turmeric stains out of white garments. Also, I successfully removed the turmeric, although it took about 72 hours for the sweater to dry.
  • I thought today about how I always feel bad for the people on passing city buses who see me through the dining room window, happily eating oatmeal in my cozy, warm house. And then I thought, some of those people on those early morning buses are perfectly happy to be there. Maybe it's the first day of a new job they're thrilled about. Maybe they're getting to campus early to see someone they have a crush on. Maybe they're reading the final pages of an excellent book that's ending in a thrilling, satisfying way. 

*Don’t Hesitate 

If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, 
don’t hesitate. Give in to it. There are plenty 
of lives and whole towns destroyed or about 
to be. We are not wise, and not very often 
kind. And much can never be redeemed. 
Still, life has some possibility left. Perhaps this 
is its way of fighting back, that sometimes 
something happens better than all the riches 
or power in the world. It could be anything, 
but very likely you notice it in the instant 
when love begins. Anyway, that’s often the 
case. Anyway, whatever it is, don’t be afraid 
of its plenty. Joy is not made to be a crumb. 

Mary Oliver

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