Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cheek swab

Wow, I blew the daily bloggery thing this month. Somehow winter has arrived and Zoë has turned 26, neither of which is an adequate excuse for non-blogging, but there you go. 

Today I swabbed the cheeks of my canine amigos so that we can learn more about them. I registered Gus under my name, so I'll get his DNA results by email, and Clover under Mark's name. Our plan is that I'll put Gus's info in Mark's Christmas stocking and vice versa, for a big gender-reveal-type reveal on Christmas morning. 

Mark's mom is here for Thanksgiving, and Isaac arrives later today (or tomorrow, if he heeds his mother's pleas not to drive in the snow). We have plans to cook a feast.

He's 100% dog, but she may be part monkey.

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