Wednesday, September 06, 2017


It's a good day for cover songs. Here is my compulsive collection of covers. Give them a listen, you'll surely like some of them!

Hey, Theo caught and murdered his first mouse last night. He left it as a gift for us in our bedroom. Thankfully, Mark found it first.* Theo proceeded to saunter and strut around all day being proud of himself. He spent hours lying on my arm while my hand was trying to type stuff on the laptop. Purring and smiling.

I keep this on my phone so I can use it for a WOOHOO emoji.

In other animal news, Clover is increasingly scared of fireworks and thunder and breezes blowing window shades unpredictably and so on. We bought some Rescue Remedy for her today and slipped it into her chicken broth appetizer.

Animals seen/witnessed in the last few weeks: turkeys, the usual seabirds, two osprey parents, the usual songbirds, grackles, foxes, skunks, a whistle pig,** the usual dogs and cats, a dead mouse, squirrels and chipmunks, black and white cows.

*Mark historically deals better with dead animals than I do. If I'm being totally honest, he was also better with vomiting children. Speaking of which, you know what I can't handle lately? Gratuitous vomiting on telervision shows. 

**I've converted Mark from "groundhog" to "whistle pig," and Gus is even learning it! Now when I say it, he perks up, like, "Wa-huh? Where?!"

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