Thursday, July 06, 2017

Worst blorger ever

I didn't even manage a Rabbit rabbit blerg post this month. This is going to be a real test of my superstitious/borderline OCD (not Borderline/OCD, I just mean verging on OCD) personality issues, since Rabbit rabbit (the saying, photographing, posting of it on the first day of the month, first thing in the morning) is one of my magic spells for happy living.

Holy crap, would you get a load of those strawberries?!

My neighbor gave me a pint of strawberries! She "picked too many," have you ever heard of such a thing? Zucchini, yes. Chard, sure. But strawberries?

They are so. Good. My immediate thought was "a dollop of whipped cream and you've got a healthy, balanced dinner, all the food groups basically represented!"


The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. Tell me if you don't cry out in a tremulous American voice at some point, "Canada."

GLOW if you want something smart and funny. You'll never recognize Trudy from Mad Men.

Vietnamese iced coffee from CÔNG TỬ BỘT (when they open. Sometime next weekish, I think).

Flowers, especially if you can pick em in your own back yard or by the side of the road.

Lady's mantle, cosmos, chamomile, coreopsis, astilbe, bachelor's button.

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