Thursday, July 27, 2017

Super cute and flashy

1. I am teaching the smaller and more agile of my dogs to jump into my arms. Super cute and flashy!

2. Dozens of starfish littered the beach yesterday morning. Their colors reminded me of the time I went to Hawaii and couldn't believe the unnatural-looking colors of natural things (birds, flowers). Now I think I just wasn't looking hard enough in general, in everyday life. I see more now. Anyway, the starfish were purple and pink, the color of asters and pale beach roses.

Pretty in purple.

3. If only I could make other people's mistakes for them.

4. Morgellons is one of those conditions I can't let myself think too hard about, or I can convince myself I have it or am bound to get it eventually (itchy skin? sores? creepy crawlies? middle aged women? fatigue?). The same for the infamous itch. As it is, I currently have what looks like a poison ivy rash all over my neck and arms, thanks to my sensitive skin's encounter with some natural insect repellant.

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