Saturday, April 29, 2017

I should use this thing more

Wonderful article about Maira Kalman.


Here is a really pretty new Sufjan song, from a forthcoming planet-themed album that five year old Zoë would've been super excited about.

Spring, supposedly. Although I have not put away my winter coat yet.

Goals: bring back blogging. Make Oakdale a thing. Eat more vegetables. Train my puppy to do impressive tricks.

Last night we were watching basketball* and Clover was on the couch with us. She is extremely dubious of the TV and also of the sportsball-cheering noises Mark makes from time to time. At one point there was excitement on the TV and simultaneously Mark dropped his phone. Clover sat up, alarmed, and made this googly-eyed face like a cartoon dog with its eyes going BOI-OI-OING! It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

*I watch basketball less like an anthropologist than I used to. I like it because Mark likes it and especially because Isaac does (I also love the backstories about players, their hard luck origins or brothers on rival teams or young children or love of god or good works, etc). I didn't grow up in a sports** home, though, so it's weird and unfamiliar. Although there was a brief flurry of enthusiasm for major league baseball when my parents lived in Saint Louis. And I remember my dad once studying sports scores, teams, etc, so that he would be able to speak that language at work. I'm under the impression that he gave up on it fairly early in the process.

**Possibly related: none of the men in my life would ever dream of manspreading. NEVER. It's impossible to even picture it. Although some of them would absolutely mansplain.

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