Monday, September 26, 2016

Summery summary

Pretty little wild asters and that yellow moss I love.

Nah, I'm not going to sum up the entire summer, which slipped past as summers do. It was bookended by Zoë--we had two luxurious weeks at the end with that girl. She had a wonderful Mysore summer, and then we got to do fun things with her before she flew home to Chicago. Mark went with her, to help her gather her scattered possessions and move into a new apartment. Sadly, many of her clothes spent the summer in a friend's basement, where they got wet. Flooded basements seem to be an ongoing theme for my family, teaching us the lesson over and over again that stuff is just stuff. Even when it's all of your sweaters.

My solo week has been less disciplined than I imagined. I may have had a bowl of cereal for dinner on more than one occasion. I have exchanged numerous bon mots with a dog and a cat. I also did a lot of (billable) work, walked near the ocean at least once every day, caught up on so many New Yorkers, binged on the first two seasons of Veep, and read a good book.

This month marked the first Common Ground Fair I've missed in...some number of years. Six? Anyway, I am already looking forward to September, 2017.

I'm also looking forward to October, 2016, because it's my favorite month, and Isaac is coming for a visit!

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