Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?

Googling: "Do wolves have eyelashes?"   "How to get a bird to eat out of your hand."

Lunch: leftover strawberry/peach pie (this was yesterday. Today no lunch because my stomach was rebelling against something, possibly that pie...)

Mulling: It's hard for an introvert to shop at Trader Joes sometimes. I will deliberately avoid certain lines because I know I'll have to discuss how my day's going and what I'm doing this weekend and what I'm making for dinner.

Packing: Things for the girl! Zoë flies to Bangalore out of Logan on Monday. She'll be in Cambridge for the weekend, where we will meet her for the day on Sunday, armed with bags of saris and salwar kameez and electrolyte tablets and hand sanitizer and (most importantly) her passport. Have you ever sorted saris and tried to figure out which little blouses go with which gorgeous silky sari fabric, and folded them into a tidy, colorful pile? I recommend it.

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