Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Theo Loves Me So Much

No, really, he does.* Mark was very happy to see me after my ten days away, and Gus was moderately interested in my return, but when I walked in the house, Theo came running over and threw himself at my feet (he flops over on his side and gazes endearingly up at you when he wants to be petted and scratched and kissed on his head). He is the nicest cat.

Keeping an eye on me at all times.

As happy as I am to be home (I missed Mark. I missed my furry boys, and I missed my routine/life, which is a pretty good sign I think), now I am nostalgic for my time living the hotel life in Zoë's neighborhood, with Mom and Dad for roommates, and Zoë just around the corner.

Hotel lyfe.

Best parents.

A sweet scholar I know.

*Although there is no doubt, he ADORES Isaac.

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