Sunday, November 08, 2015


We bought a kitchen scale, for all the baking I'm (imagining) doing, and plus so we can measure coffee like coffee snobs. In the instructions for the scale, it says, "When the display shows EEEEEEE this indicates an overload." SAME!

I had to put on my reading glasses to read the instructions. I've become a person who needs all kinds of supplies with me at all times, including reading glasses, a sweater, tissues, cough drops. Hmm, kind of sounds like an 80 year old lady, right? I don't actually mind (although I do inevitably forget the reading glasses, despite the fact that I have a couple of downstairs pairs as well as my best pair, which stay with my book beside my bed. #old)--I like being prepared for eventualities. I guess like the Scout version of an old lady.

Anyway, it's Sunday, and after spending yesterday installing the range hood in the kitchen, we spent most of today hiking about, looking at the water and beautiful views, tromping through dried November leaves (and doing obsessive tick checks). Gus met a spunky little Border Collie pup and they had a great wrestle. We met some friendly humans, but only a few (literally three). My phone tells me we walked almost six miles!

Move-in condition! Waterfront!

Love this slightly droopy boathouse next to the Squirrel Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic.

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