Monday, November 02, 2015

Hyde Park

I tried on a shirt yesterday covered, subtly, with tiny birds.
But...Peter Pan collar.

It was a warm day, so the thermal layers of undershirts, socks, tights, vests, and jackets were less appealing than they had been on the chilly Thursday previous. Still, I was able to buy Zoë some early birthday presents, toasty layers of warmth and flannel for when it gets bitterly cold.

This morning is my last in Chicago--it's been incredibly luxurious to have a whole week to visit the girl (thanks to my mom and dad, who got us a hotel room right in her neighborhood, just a few blocks from her apartment). She's been busy every second, but we've eaten many meals with her, seen where she lives, traced her route to campus and work, and she and I even got to work together a few times (me on billable stuff, her on grad school stuff). Hyde Park is lovely, comfortable and neighborhoody. We are leaving her, not just with warmer clothes, but her winter things, her banjo, many books and kitchen appliances (pressure cooker, idli maker--the essentials, if you're Zoë). Also, again thanks to my sweet parents, a bedside table and a dresser, a floor length mirror, new towels, bathmat, and other goodies from Ikea.

Miss her already.

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