Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Online Shopping for Those With a Limited Attention Span

My brain is clearly fried from the internets and my cellular device, etc, because at times I bounce from window to window, thinking, "What was I going to look for? Oh trail running shoes, but then also a new smoke detector, oh and they just said on Marketplace there's a pumpkin shortage, so pumpkin too, cases of canned pumpkin..." And then I get distracted on the (evil)Amazon page for pumpkin by one marketed to pets called (ahem) "Nummy Tum Tum," and adjacent to that, this adorable can of cat food:

Doesn't this look like it was illustrated by a 1970s children's book illustrator?

Cutest. Cat food can. Ever. And then I forget why I had all those windows open, and I wander off.

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