Saturday, March 28, 2015

What have I done but wander with my eyes in the trees?

Late night Settlers of Catan marathon with our boy and a high school friend of his. Theo was wishing he had opposable thumbs so he could play too. It was a revelation to me when I put on my reading glasses, because I could see the board without squinting (#old).

Miss Lulu has gone home, so we are now down to one dog, one cat. Two of Isaac's college friends spent most of this week chez nous and have now departed too, so we are down to one boy. He leaves tomorrow, emptying the nest yet again.

And OH did I show you this yet? We hung an antique cabinet (courtesy of my mom and dad who bought it years ago), and it only took about four hours of discussion/attempts to line up the hole in the wall with the hole in the cabinet (it's all about studs behind the plaster, etc). ANYWAY, it took four humans to do this, and we did it, and it is securely attached and now even full of dishes, which is amazing. Also in this photo you can see our new window sill--it's a gorgeous piece of oak. We still need to caulk around it and sand and paint the window trim where we messed it up. Then it's on to the floor, the last project before we start talking bottom cabinets!

March is nearly over, my dears. April isn't the cruelest month, no matter what they say.

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