Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My little Bean is 22 today, somehow. I am older than 22 in this picture, but not by that many years! Funny how time works, isn't it? I remember when this was taken, we were waiting for the ferry to Block Island, the wind was blowing. Zoë wasn't talking yet, but she was signing all kinds of things--"ball" is the one I remember most clearly. During this trip, she did an alphabet puzzle that made it clear that while she didn't yet speak, she knew the entire alphabet (she never did do things in the "right" order--she walked before she crawled, etc). It wasn't all that long after this that she taught herself to read (when she was three). I love to look at this face and see both baby Zoë and grownup Zoë. She amazed me then, and she continues to amaze me with her brilliance and ferocity and sensitivity and sweet beauty and determination.


Joanna said...

Now I'm crying at California Pizza Kitchen. (Don't ask.) And I'm glad to hear that brilliant old Zoe did things in the "wrong" order, too. That sounds like my Elias.

Liz Woodbury said...

I'm sorry I made you cry at California Pizza Kitchen!! And I was pretty sure your Elias was a kindred spirit--I can just tell from his serious/sweet face.