Monday, September 29, 2014

Shockingly Short

September always catches me by surprise, going along like a normal month and then screeching to a stop after only thirty days (yeah, I know, February, but that month exists in an entirely different dimension). Here comes October!

Isaac came home for a brief couple of days, sang us a little song, and was off again.

I saw my dearest Checkout Girl for breakfast this morning. I miss her real-life self so much, and have to remember to be a grownup about the fact that she lives elsewhere. As in, being happy for my far-flung friends when they fling themselves afar. Working on that.

Because I am solo for a day in a quiet house, or maybe just because, I made a bowl of chocolate pudding for myself for dinner. And then, for dessert, I mashed up half an avocado, salt-and-peppered it, and ate it with tortilla chips.

After that, I murdered about fifteen tiny baby spiders that I discovered in my bathroom. They were too small to take outside (they were so small I almost couldn't see them without my reading glasses*), and I felt terrible, and Charlotte's Web was pinballing around inside my head the whole time. I apologized to each one as I crumpled him/her in a tissue and flushed him/her down the toilet. But AHHHH how many baby spiders did I not murder is the real question. Will they bite me in my bed tonight is the actual question.

Be jealous of my friend Jason's dream, which included a book of this title: On the Strategies and Practicum of Basket-Ball, complete with antique illustrations.


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