Thursday, August 07, 2014

Turn Yourself Inside Out and You Might Disappear

See what I mean?

So clean, so white! Rrrreally needs some things on the walls.

That chandelier, though. It is so clean and sparkly that I am deeply ashamed.

Please watch this video! It is pretty great, the song is lovely, and my latest favorite is siblings who sing together.

"There is a better way to say empty space
Turn yourself inside out and you might disappear  
you have a new definition in empty space
What I like about impermanence is the clash
of my big body with empty space
I am putting the floor back together again
I am rebuilding the wall
I am slapping mortar on bricks
I am fastening the machine together with delicate wire
There is no eternal thread, maybe there is thread of pure gold
I am starting to sing inside about the empty space
there is some new detail every time"

from Makeup on Empty Space by Anne Waldman

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