Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Longest Shortest Month of All

It's funny how things slow down over at Overheard in Portland this time of year. It sort of makes sense, when you think of everyone hibernating, huddling inside by their wood stoves and televisions, no strangers to eavesdrop upon. But things go on in restaurants, coffee shops, ski...lodges. Or whatever. I can't do it all myself, especially with my measurable hearing loss and a big fuzzy hat on top of that, covering my ears, rendering me even more handicapped!

Around here, it's a whole bunch of animal antics, running low on pellets for the stove, sitting constantly so close to the aforementioned stove that I am always thirsty and itchy from its drying effects, drinking hot drinks, eating hot bowls of oatmeal. Shoveling snow, walking in snow.

I've been reading lots and lots, especially enjoying I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place, a memoir by my former grad school teacher Howard Norman.

We've been watching season two of House of Cards (!!!!!!! is all I can say without spoiling anything for anyone), and Mark and I can't shake our Revenge addiction as we wait for our other favorite lowbrow show, Scandal, to start again (and yes, as you might guess, we started Revenge because Netflix thought we might like it based on our appreciation for one-word melodramatic noun titles). Plus, Isaac worked on a movie set last summer, and the movie starred the star of Revenge! So! Two degrees of separation, basically.

Eating my low FODMAP diet, but it's not doing much for me, digestive-wise. I did hit on a FODMAP-friendly cookie recipe that makes me happy. You can make it with either peanut butter or almond butter, it's super quick, and really delicious.

Drinking coffee with foamy milk thanks to my little milk frother thing my mom gave me--I am so hooked on this gadget!

Listening to the new Beck (aka my favorite Scientologist) album, which you can hear on NPR right now.

Thinking about the fact that my littlest baby will be a high school graduate in three months.

See ya, lazy kitties.


mama d said...

This is an especially charming post that sums up February quite well! Peter and I watched episode 1 of House of Cards last night after a co-worker told him he needed to watch it immediately. You're right about !!!!!!! I can't imagine what the next 12 episodes will hold!

Liz Woodbury said...

I think we are on about...episode 5? Or 6? I think it's a great season so far!