Friday, November 22, 2013


The korma, by the way, was tasty, though it was a little potato-centric for me (I love potatoes, it just seemed like a lot of potatoes as compared to other things, which were only carrots and peas and cashews anyway--I should've bought some cauliflower, in retrospect). But the flavor was just the thing.

TONIGHT'S MENU: Baked Mushroom Risotto. I've made this before (for guests! David M and Jason, and they claimed to like it!), and it is gooooooood. So good.

Look what I found on the beach today, such a lovely pottery shard. My mom used to find pieces like this on her Beverly beach (this was before she and my dad became city mice). We don't usually find great sea glass or other treasures on the dog beach--there is some sea glass, but it's not worn perfectly smooth on all sides (we always say "it's not ripe"), and there aren't tiny tiny pieces of cobalt blue here and there (again, on the Beverly beach. You should see the piles Mom and I still have from those days!).

The thing about this picture: I know, so many photos of the dog. But come on, he is outrageously photographable. But anyway, observe the delicate position of his long skinny forelegs, the innocence on that little polar bear face. Here I am documenting him as he guards the property, city-owned sidewalk, state highway, city park across the street, houses across the street, and a corner of the adjacent college campus (he has peed on them all, and thus claimed them as his own). He is actually pretty good about not barking at everyone who walks by, as long as they don't have a dog on a leash, a rolling suitcase, a suspicious looking outfit or headgear or hair, a stroller, a balloon, a skateboard, or rollerblades on their feet. Ferocious.

Pictured here, as well (in Isaac's bedroom, by the way), is the world's heaviest blanket, lovingly and messily crocheted by me.

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