Tuesday, October 08, 2013


So much of September went unreported. I didn't even tell you about the Common Ground Fair!

There was some hooping.

Some tintype-taking.

Piecone eating.

This is a picture of a beautiful cane chair. I'm going to learn how to do this myself.
There were also herding dogs and bunnies and fancy chickens, great food, blue skies, bunches of people, honeycomb and native crafts and  elderberry tinctures. It was David M's first fair ever, and it took us so long to get there that it was a short one for him, but Mark and Isaac and I stayed on. We may have eaten our weight in potato chip fries.

And then there was a week when Isaac went off on a kayaking adventure with the Learning Shack, and Mark and I took a one-day field trip to our favorite peninsula with our favorite dog.*

Gus, King of the Blue Hill Peninsula.

I'm not even kidding when I say this is my current fantasy dream house.

We discovered this place, a trail that goes through this field and into the woods, much of it with breathtaking views over Eggemoggin Reach, the bay, and islands. And in season, you can pick blueberries here!

I love it up there. The air smells different, the rocks and water and hills are different. And when I say "different," I mean, not like around here, and here is already pretty damn gorgeous. I just like to fuel my rural/seaside dreams by imagining a little house (or a renovated former Oddfellows Hall, perhaps) way the hell up in Brooklin or Sargentville or Blue Hill. A big field for Gus to run in, a patch of sunshine to plant some vegetables in. Blueberries!

*I was going to say "favorite living dog," but that sounds weird. You must know we didn't bring the ashes of former dogs with us, and you may also know that Minnow was the dog of my heart, and that Gus really truly doesn't mind when I tell him he's my second favorite dog in the whole world.


mama d said...

I think Gus should make that gorgeous close-up his profile picture! You make me want to take a trip to that peninsula! My dad sailed a few times to Eggemoggin Reach and always spoke of it with such joy that I think it's a place I should see. Maybe when Peter's back gets better....

Liz Woodbury said...

Yes, Mama D! You and Peter should definitely take a leisurely road trip up there--so many lovely views, pretty roads, blueberry barrens, quaint towns, quiet beaches...