Monday, September 23, 2013

All the Things

September, slow down! It's speeding past, full of new schoolish things and medical-related things and heaps of library books, plus my victory in getting Mark hooked on Friday Night Lights (everyone thinks he or she is immune, due to his or her disinterest in the subjects of football and Texas, until it's too late to turn back and they're staying up til midnight watching just one more episode), and not to mention our weekly dark double-feature nights of watching the very last few episodes of Breaking Bad along with the first two seasons of the excellent British series Black Mirror with Jason and David. The dark night of the TV soul is lightened by the fact that we also eat pie--so far, blueberry, apple, pecan, and tonight...pumpkin.

Isaac cracked his head open one night and had to get it stapled up. And yet, he claimed it only "hurts little bit."

Note blood stains on pillow. We spent three hours in this room.

Completely unrelated: he also got his wisdom teeth out. When this photo was taken, he was feeling groovy.

We took this picture because we thought the name "Illuminati" was funny. It was only later that it dawned on me that "maxillofacial" surgery includes Botox injections, and I became very creeped out by the whole place.

50+ hours of intractible hiccups, to be specific. Mark checked out fine in the end, as you can see by his diagnosis. And no, he's not hiccuping any more.

Completely unrelated cat torture. No, actually no cats were harmed in the taking of this photograph. Theo loves any attention Isaac gives him, and Isaac is gentle with his cat puppet. That cat is ENORMOUS, right?

So there you have it, most of our medical adventures this month. Meanwhile, in Madurai India, Zoë rode her bike into a manhole, but she escaped with only bruises. And I undertook a very dull elimination diet to try and figure out what my stomach doesn't enjoy digesting. I've given up in confusion after a week of no caffeine (not to mention no dairy, soy, wheat, or pretty much anything else), but we'll continue to work on it, my stomach and I. In the meantime, I will eat a slice of pumpkin pie tonight.


mama d said...

Well, what a month you've had! I had no idea that Mark had been afflicted with killer hiccups! We'll have to get together when I get back from taking Michaela to Brooklyn next week, and she's also hoping that you'll be in Brooklyn sometime fairly soon so that she can buy you a coffee...

Anonymous said...

Mike and I have made eight pear pies so far from the pear tree in his yard. They are DELICIOUS! No, we didn't eat them all, there are 5 in the freezer.

Liz Woodbury said...

Yes, Mama D! I'm sorry I missed Michaela, but I'm sure she'll get a chance to buy me a coffee sooner or later.

And pear pie, Dancer...that sounds so good! I am jealous of Mike's tree. I mean, of Mike for having a pear tree.