Friday, November 16, 2012

Okay, then.

Bad blogger. Bad blogger! I actually thought for a minute that I might do that NaBloPoMo thing again this year, and then we immediately got a huge Close Buy Catalog order, lost a few days due to our scarf shipment's Sandy-related delay and a temporarily broken sewing machine, and then spent five solid days doing nothing* but stitching scarves and sewing Milo in Maine labels on them.

I like this photo of Gus and a new pal splashing in the ocean, because I think it looks like it could've been taken in Iceland or someplace exotic like that.

*Well, not literally nothing. Also, I walked Gus, took him to the beach with Mark (I am nervous about taking him by myself because he isn't totally reliable, as far as "come." Or as far as knowing his name at all when he's surrounded by dogs, people, and great smells), drank coffee, and ate food. A couple of times I drove Isaac places or picked him up from places or even chatted with him or watched Homeland together (while folding scarves).


Did I mention that I drank a lot of coffee? A few nights we sewed really late (me in the dining room, Mark in the living room) and got up really early, and I am like a seven year old child as far as needing my eight (or nine) hours of sleep. Or less, plus a nap. I'm a lightweight, cranky and puffy-eyed when I don't get enough, and I often think about my friends who seem to thrive on very few hours of sleep (I am thinking of the lovely Holly right now, who always seems to stay up the latest and get up the earliest, who sails off to work at, like, six o' clock every morning with such grace I can't even fathom it). Not me, I'm a big baby.

The guy on the right borrowed our car and then brought us a whole bunch of donuts.

Anyway, I also watched seven seasons of Prime Suspect while I completed this project. I love Helen Mirren, and I love British police shows. It was great, and ultimately very sad too.

We sent off our many boxes of hundreds of scarves, yay! The floor is covered in thread, animal hair, sand, and leaves. Windows are dusty, the toilet needs to be cleaned, my hair is greasy. And next week is Thanksgiving! I plan on using this weekend to prepare myself, start shopping and planning and tidying.


mama d said...

Happy 20th anniversary of Zoe's birth!

Liz Woodbury said...

Thanks, Mama D!!!

holly said...

you should see me climbing into bed at 8:45 pm these days!!!! 3:55am is a highly-unpleasant wake-up time but my middle-aged-ness requires treadmill time...xoxo