Thursday, September 20, 2012

Idée fixe

The period of mourning was not quite decently long enough before I started feverishly scouting Petfinder and other online dog porn. In fact, the depth and severity of my mourning for my best friend intensified my desire for a new dog--not in six months, not in a year, but now. I've found myself at loose ends, partly because work is light right now, partly because I just didn't feel like doing things I should be doing. To tell you the truth, I felt like climbing back in bed every day, although that made me sad too because the only things Minnow loved more than a good nap were a romp on the beach or something delicious to eat.* If only I had a dog who needed to be walked! So, as it turns out, sometimes you start looking for a puppy and before you know it, you have paid the fee for a rescue puppy and he is scheduled to be delivered to your general geographical area in two weeks.

These two things happened on the same day: I made a commitment to give this puppy a home, and I picked up Minnow's ashes from the vet. Which I handled with calm aplomb until I got to my car with the earthly remains of my friend.

But this new guy, this rescued pup! His name as of now is Augustus, but we're taking suggestions and will cast some kind of family vote once we've met him. He is about five months old, probably mostly Golden Retriever. He will be delivered to Connecticut on October sixth. I am so excited to meet him.


I am seventy-seven percent sure I saw a heron in the Fore River as I flew past in my car en route to Target to buy boring paper products yesterday. It was a crazy long long necked seabird for sure. (The Dancer has a knack for naming such birds with great authority when we are walking around the Back Cove. I will see a funny bird and say, "Ooooh, what kind of bird is that?" And she will say, "Oh, that's a long-legged bluebilled tree hugger," or whatever.)

Today I walked to the library, bought myself a coffee at Speckled Ax, walked home. It was a beautiful day with a sky all October-colored.

*See? Soul mates. Although I don't have a taste for snotty tissues, his favorite.


Melissa Crowe said...

Doh! I'm going to just miss meeting him! He's a beauty, my friend. I am not in the list bit concerned about your finding him too soon--right on time, right on time.

erin said...

We ALMOST named Elijah Augustus. Like two weeks away from birth Jeremiah 'came up' with Elijah because of the similarity to his name plus the E for me and because I had named two and a half children I conceded. I wanted a baby Gus sooo bad though!

holly said...

connecticut, you say?!

Danni said...

I sort of like the name Augustus. After Zeke died the tears hadn't dried from our faces before Rhino was suddenly living with us, like magic. It's sort of nice to keep the dog spot filled even if it won't ever be the same. It will be different but still awesome. But holy cow a golden retriever puppy. You are in for a ride...

nancyblackett said...

That dog is adorable. Happy days