Saturday, August 18, 2012

where we are

Mark and I are here in Portland, Maine, picnicking by the Atlantic ocean and watching storms tumble in across the sky. reading books, watching movies, letting the grass in our yard grow tall while the black eyed susans and pink anemones take over.

Max is here too, enjoying fresh air and fruit and good coffee for just another few hours before he drives his old car back to upstate new york and starts RA training at school. He loved China. it was wonderful, it was difficult. Maine feels good but strange: "So many white people!" He misses the young woman below, who he hasn't seen in three months:

The bravest girl, she is in Jaipur getting packed right about now, leaving on a bus for Delhi and then getting on a plane to New York by way of Paris. She would be devastated to leave India if she didn't fully intend to go back immediately after her sophomore year of college. Her plans as of now include heading back next May, and staying for an entire year.

This guy will be babysat by my Mom and Dad in Cambridge while Mark and  I fetch our girl at JFK on Monday (Ican'twaitIcan'twaitIcan'twait).

These guys, below, are apart for a week while the blond one is visiting his cousins in San Francisco. The tabby-colored one gets the worst deal of anyone, hanging out in the house without canine companionship. He will have a couple of nice humans to meow at, though, friendly cat wrangler volunteers.

Okay, friends, that's my update on everyone's whereabouts. August is funny, sticky, and overgrown and lazy. I don't mind summer hanging around a while longer at all, but October--the best month--is ahead!

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