Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Don't you just want to jump in that cool, clear water?

Or in one of these kayaks?

We drive around and explore this state, although we gravitate toward the coast always. The way the air feels, the way it tosses your hair around when you roll down the car windows, and in Maine there's this cold thread in the breeze almost always. I imagine it as Canadian, or Arctic, and while I'm not so in love with it in February, in July it's my favorite thing.

This girl. Look how her bindi stays attached to her forehead, despite the fact that where she is, it's like 110 degrees (no hyperbole). Can someone explain the physics of that to me, please? She is so happy, so in love with India and Jaipur and Hindi. There are hiccups here and there, of course, but the balance of

me missing her

her happiness

...it just works. I can't help but mention, however, that she comes home in less than a month. For nearly a week.

And this boy, pictured here with his adoring cousin Stella. He went to North Carolina for a week of design camp and cousin-wrangling, and now we've got him back.

We've had cool/warm days and sun and rain at night, books and salads and cold drinks and movies and plays. I am a little obsessed with Instagram after months of resistance (even more so now that both of my bruddies and my mom and dad are using it--not to mention Mark and Max). You can see my Instagram photos all in one fell swoop right here, and I am mulling over Printstagram too.

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