Monday, April 02, 2012


We had our girl for a whirlwind couple of days. Although we didn't make it to the play, we did make it to the doughnuts. Zoë and Isaac rode their bikes there, and we all had coffee and sampled different doughnut flavors. We also had a feast of a lunch at Asmara on Saturday, and just enjoyed being, all four of us, together. I don't know if she'll be back until...September? It all depends on her travel schedule this summer.

I'm missing her today, feeling a little gray. We moved Isaac, for real, into Zoë's former bedroom. He makes me laugh about a hundred times a day, and he has a new spring wardrobe consisting of various Hawaiian shirts from Goodwill. He likes to lie around listening to records. He is so tall. I can't even tell you how often he begins a sentence this way: "Ready, Mom?"


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I love you all.