Sunday, March 11, 2012


Just proceeding through March, one long week at a time. May I say how very much I've come to love arugula? I like being able to correctly pronounce "arugula," I like that you can also refer to it as "rocket," and I like its crisp, peppery crunch. Have you ever had it, dressed in a vinaigrette, on top of a pizza right out of the oven? I sincerely hope that you have.

This funny late winter. Sunshine, lingering melty snow here and there. My boy in a light jacket, in the sun.

I went to the beach with my other two boys yesterday. Walking one direction, it was bright and brisk and warm-sunned. We could tell that Minnow felt great (he was vaguely under the weather last week, sad and off his feed), prancing along the beach with his tennis ball in his mouth. When we turned around to walk back, the wind was brutal and tears poured down my face. I don't mind basically skipping winter this year. I may be jinxing it by saying that (we do sometimes get a huge amount of snow in April, and often we wear sweaters here until June). I'll risk it, though, because I've opened the windows twice so far this month.

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