Sunday, February 05, 2012


i could kiss our pellet stove, but then i'd burn my lips. but it keeps our house (well, half our house) so warm and cozy.

the checkout girl came over for lunch on friday, a perfect early start to my weekend. again i made nothing but peanut butter and jelly, but i put it on pretty plates and also whipped up an isaac tea latte for my friend. look what she's stitching, below. amazing, right? we watched bill cunningham new york too, which was wonderful. i could've sat on the couch with her for six more hours, if only she were less conscientious (back to work and all that).

meanwhile, i am crocheting along wildly without really knowing what i'm doing. i've crafted a few more granny squares with the help of some bossy ladies on youtube, and i finally decided to make something (either a scarf or a blanket, depending on when i get bored and stop) with the random piles of yarn that we've somehow accumulated around here. the ultimate compliment (in my book) was when isaac said, "i would totally wear that if it were a shirt."

meanwhile, meanwhile, it is cold and crisp and blue-skied outside.

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Melissa Crowe said...

No joke--I could have sat there with you for six DAYS. Best PBJ ever, too.