Saturday, February 11, 2012

like the color of sleep

well, i seem to keep working on this blanket/miscellaneous item. i'm a little addicted to it, to tell you the truth. a secret fact about me is i love repetition, i love work i don't have to think about. and i came across a garbage bag full of yarn in the basement, so.

also, once this is done and is a beautiful handmade blanket* on the couch** that everyone fights over while watching movies, i won't even worry about it getting dog hairy, as i am crocheting the dog hairs right in as i go. i mean, accidentally.

**i must admit, i imagine it on a new couch, maybe this one. only in charcoal, i think.

men say brown by henry seiden


mama d said...

That is really, really pretty! Makes me want to crochet an afghan...but I still think it would be excellent for a college girl! And then you wouldn't have to buy a new couch for it. And I love the poems you've been posting!

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, mama d! if you start crocheting we could do it whilst we chat and drink tea. and i agree that it's just the thing for a college girl, although i do have specific colors in mind for ms z. and i might try to incorporate fewer dog hairs into hers, since she's allergic!

mama d said...

Oh good! Glad to see you have another afghan in your future after this one! I would need a little refresher course on crocheting, and you might just be the instructor to give it to me!