Wednesday, January 04, 2012

it would first taste bitter

there's been a reprieve: zoë's coughing, snuffly cold resulted in a rescheduling of the wisdom-tooth-yanking until "spring" break (it's in march, so. spring, really?). in the meantime, she's been having a lot of fun for a girl with a cold, seeing movies, reading, hot tubbing, dining on tempeh reubens, etcetera. isaac is back at the shack, where intensive week starts on monday, when he'll be making movies to his heart's content.

he has also, as of january fourth, spent all of his christmas money on skiing.* luckily, there is the learning shack ski club for him to look forward to, as well as a february break trip to tahoe, thanks to his amazing california uncle and auntie. lucky boy.

pellet stove, bbc radio, grapefruit, cold, colds, dog arthritis, words written and read, light and dark. ah, january.

at the fishhouses, elizabeth bishop

*oh, my friends, that is a sport for the well-off!

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