Monday, January 30, 2012

i like slow things, the way they happen again and again

scenes from my perfect weekend in cambridge, massachusetts.

mom and dad have a pied à terre in this lovely old house, under that pretty blue sky.

we went to the isabella stewart gardner museum, which was packed with people but so much fun to see. it's full of art, luxurious silks and velvets and leathers, (wall coverings, furniture) faded tapestries and books and paintings and crumbling sculptures. it's a wonderful combination of grand and cluttered-eclectic. plus, you can get so close to everything (which makes for some high-strung security guards, not to mention the history of thefts there). also, no photography is allowed, but i snuck this one picture of the lush courtyard at the center of the house.

here are two of many many delicious foodstuffs we shared this weekend. boston cream pie and banana cream pie (both vegan) at veggie galaxy. so good, i can't even tell you. we also had amazing meals at red lentil and thaitation.

oh, wallace. he held my ring for me whilst i was receiving a paraffin wax hand treatment from my maman, and despite the fact that i took this picture, i forgot to put it back on. so here i am in portland, maine, sans wedding ring. in addition to the wax museum hands (i wish i'd taken a photo of them--they looked so weird, but felt so good), i also had a massage and was generally spoiled in every conceivable way. we walked in the sunshine and met up with my sweet old friends scott and michael for coffee and watched 30 rock and i got to read books and sleep in and see a great movie. see what i mean about perfect?

trees, their legacy of green, by paavo haavikko


Melissa Crowe said...

Sounds wonderful!

Liz Woodbury said...

at the moment those cakes/pies were being eaten, we were talking about you!

mama d said...

Let's hear it for Mary and Bob, some of the very best parents (and grandparents) on the planet!