Wednesday, January 11, 2012

all that we see or seem

a dream in which the following things happen:

 •i curl up on the floor of a bathroom stall to cry.
 •i escape from a vague cubicle-bound job by climbing out a small window. i land in water up to my knees, but my feet don't get wet.
 •i have to walk up an endless hill. it is exhausting, but i find i make slightly better progress when i turn around and walk backwards.
 •i adopt not one but two abandoned children.
 •i am so upset upon learning that my brother* has been in maine for two weeks and hasn't told me that i slam dents into the hood of my car with a can opener.
 •i learn that my parents are planning to retire and "live out of (their) car."

 oh, and so much more! the joys of a surreal, endless nap-dream, let me tell you.

 *a conflation of both my real brothers into a dream brother.


Melissa Crowe said...

I love it! Made me laugh out loud!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh good! my dreams amuse me, but i know they're infamously boring for other people to hear about (personally, i love hearing people's dreams, at least my favorite people's dreams).

mama d said...

A slam-dunk of a dream! Your mom just told me about some of her plans, none of which involves living in a car! Thank goodness! Count me among those who love hearing dreams!