Wednesday, December 28, 2011

you love what you are*

a wintery walk at two lights with mark and zoë this morning. the waves were huge and frothy, and the clouds were crazy too. such a beautiful warm wintery day, and such lovely quiet company.


it was pretty perfect for this bittersweet post-holiday week. we're cleaning, slowly, and trying to eat food other than leftover cookies and mashed potatoes and chocolate (not all together, ew), and fitting in some actual work hours and gradually getting back to normal life. although it's life with our girl home from college, and our boy out of school too, so it's way more sweet than bitter, much as we miss having the extended family around to play games and drink coffee and laugh and watch movies.

did you  notice that i neglected the dog-of-the-day? yes, i was thinking that those dogs in the manger might tide you all over for a while. several days, at least.

*from mark strand's lines for winter


Danni said...

Those pictures are gorgeous.

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, danni!