Sunday, September 11, 2011

you smell like plums and garlic!

wow, what a block party last night. the video below demonstrates possibly the best thing that ever happened in portland.

that's what cheer! brigade from providence, and they helped turn congress street into new orleans for an hour or so. it was magical (and watch for a plaid-shirted isaac dancing past at the beginning).

my other favorite thing was the analog tweets project by pickwick press. people could submit "tweets" and have them block printed on fabric and hauled up the side of the building. mark and i hung out with the dancer and chatted with some of our favorite people, while isaac danced down the street and assisted oliver, who was filming the whole thing as part of his intern job at pickwick.

we finished up the evening by sharing a three-taco plate at taco escobarr. the price was right (three for $7.50), and they were delicious (vegetable tacos, crispy-style), but the atmosphere was...weird. sports bar-weird, i guess. stools and high tables, kind of bad music. maybe it's just me. most likely (well, not just me, but me and my two cheap-date pals).

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mama d said...

Somehow I misread your text and watched this three times, thinking "Where is Isaac in his kilt?" (I guess his kilt probably doesn't fit him any longer.) I saw a boy in a plaid shirt that looked like Isaac but dismissed it because he was wearing pants!