Thursday, July 21, 2011


my home. i'm not sure what it is about this image (seen here as sticker art on the maine state pier), but it makes me want to get a maine-shaped tattoo. and it's pretty popular on tumblr today.

oh, friday night lights. i loved you so. and after hearing this fresh air interview with kyle chandler, i love him too. even more than before, that is.

it's hot, and i have NO COMPLAINTS. though i should have made three times more iced coffee than i did last night.

i want my yard to look like this place.

i have been reading gay classics and maine classics and a fabulous japanese mystery. piles of books from the library. if only i had one of these i'd never get anything accomplished.

words, words, words. i seem to have a problem turning nouns into gerunds and not noticing i've done it. gerunding.

zoƫ and mark and i are planning to wait for godot in deering oaks tonight. care to join us?

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