Tuesday, June 21, 2011

yellow bonnets garland all the lawn

you know what i always wanted? one of those dogs who just sit there loyally beside you on the porch, or lie in the grass while you pull weeds in the garden (see above, all my dreams have come true).

this is the song for this sunshiny month.

it is the summer solstice, a lovely long day, and it is also exactly one week until my girl comes home.

i think my dad has taken to sending me a book as a father's day gift every year -- a book about chickens, to be specific.* this year, i received alice walker's the chicken chronicles in the mail, and i am so excited about reading it!!

our nest is practice-empty this week, as our boy designs and bikes and swims on vinalhaven.

*last year, i believe it was raising chickens for dummies. i've got to get going on this chicken keeping project!

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