Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ceci et cela

this was my horoscope one day. it's not particularly interesting, but i love how confused it made someone.

i met this dog and watched him eat many potato chips.

for one brief, hallucinatory moment i imagined i'd do one of those "what i'm wearing today" posts. you know the ones that show off the blogger's innate fashion sense in thrown-together outfits that usually include a low-slung leather belt and a pair of leggings? except, i work at home, i'm over forty, and i have no money. and while i very rarely remain in my pajamas, i do occasionally nap in my clothes. so they have to be as comfortable as pajamas, and they're often covered in dog hair and obviously wrinkled. i.e. they might as well be pajamas. also, i have a habit of throwing on the same thing i wore the day before (clean underwear, though, always).

oh, okay, since you insist, here's what i'm wearing today:

you'll want the purchasing details, of course. t-shirt by rogues gallery, purchased by zoë at a sample sale for me because she's sweet like that. i like how long it is. it has 3/4-length sleeves, which isaac recently observed is the most ridiculous length a sleeve could be, but then i am a compromiser by nature and so it is the sleeve length i am most attracted to, except in the winter when i want my sleeves to dangle several inches beyond where my arms end. my sweater, purchased on sale for, like, $4.99 at target in size extra-large (a.k.a. "extra-cozy") also has 3/4-length sleeves. it is soft and comfortable, but i haven't washed it since i bought it and i'm afraid it will lose its near-cashmere softness (it's cotton). my skirt also came from target, about six years ago, and i wear it way too often. not pictured, i am wearing very, very old l.l. bean silk long john bottoms in black-faded-to-gray which i think once belonged to my mom. they're probably 15 years old. my feet are bare and cold. and my hair is in a mid-height ponytail, so as not to intimidate anyone.

finally, the hidden important detail in this random list of things: zoë and max are coming home a few weeks earlier than they originally planned: to be specific, they are coming home two weeks from today!! two more weeks of japan adventures, and then we get our girl back for a whole summer.

please take note of the fact that i didn't complain once in this post about how freakishly cold it has been lately.


erin said...

It's been chilly here too, but I've been enjoying it...to a point.

I'm glad Zoe is coming home, but I'm also glad she had such a mind blowing and amazing experience. I can only hope that my girls (and boy) will be as brave and adventurous as her! Well...at least one of them and then the rest of us can sit and home and read all about it.

Liz Woodbury said...

yes! or at least, one kid at a time... it's going to be weird for me if and when isaac gets the travel bug, and inevitably zoë will be off at college or beyond, doing her thing. empty nest, i guess, but then, that's the point (i remind myself), to teach those birds to fly.

mama d said...

Move over, Tavi! I think the internet has a new fashion star! I'm really glad that Zoe and Max will be here sooner than originally expected!

Liz Woodbury said...

me too, mama d! and i bet tavi is shaking in her tiny little boots right about now...