Saturday, April 30, 2011

he bring of the chocolate

i completely forgot to mention that the rabbit of easter came by last weekend. he brought of the chocolate and the jelly beans, and he also brought a little cactus, and then he stayed awake all night worrying that it was a terrible idea to leave a cactus on the floor, and imagining isaac waking up and stepping on it in his bare feet.*

he also brought a handsome old-fashioned wax mustache.

*he didn't.

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erin said...

This year was the first year my Mom didn't make me a basket. She said she was tired of my picky candy dislikes...My brother (27 years old) spent the day with his basket on his arm, prancing around in front of me, waving random packages of candy and a baggie of new socks in front of my face. I was not moved.