Tuesday, April 12, 2011


yet again, mark and i get to practice fluttering around this empty nest while this particular chick embarks on a camping trip with a school group until friday. meanwhile, the girl chick is en route to amritsar.

i'm working on tote bags and onesies and word blurbs. hey, want to get a glimpse of the fruits of my labor? check out vocabulary.com and play the challenge! see if you can guess which words i wrote the blurbs for.

animals with stuffed animals. i am working on the perfect photo of minnow and his puppy to send in.

go waste even more time reading shit my students write. sample line:

"Before, women were multifunctioning objects around the house that could do that birth thing but now women are running corporations and writing great literature all the while still doing that birth thing."

what do you think of my book so far? oh okay, it's infinite jest. and the readers of yahoo answers are not impressed.

the oregon legislature exhibits the ultimate bipartisanship by rickrolling itself!

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