Tuesday, March 15, 2011


my magical neighborhood. more magical was the fact that at 6:20pm yesterday, the sun was still shining brilliantly (not pictured). spring will come!

in other news, i'm working on a freelance writing thing that i'm kind of in love with. it will be finished some time around the end of this month, but i wish i could do it longer.

isaac is a skier, for real. he had a wonderful time with the cousins in tahoe during winter break, and since he returned he's skied twice with his school ski club and once with a bunch of friends, using one of the lift ticket gift certificates he got for christmas. he also just parted with some of his savings to buy new ski boots that look like they're from the future. i can't even tell you how sad he is to observe the coming spring, the melting snow.

zoë returned from a silent five-day meditation retreat somewhere in the himalayas recently. she's taking a hindi class every day for a month, and max is searching out volunteer opportunities now that the tibetan new year celebration is winding to a close. by the way, according to my research, it's the year of the female iron rabbit!


holly kellogg said...

there's a reason to brave winter traveling with potential bad roads next year....our boys could hit the mountains together! evan's doing crazy things with snowboards that i've only seen on tv!!!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, what a good idea! wouldn't that be fun, and we could sit in the lodge or whatever and you could teach me to knit again for the thirty-seventh time!

holly kellogg said...

oh yeah...definitely!!!! this is a good reason to hope for lots of snow next year!