Wednesday, March 30, 2011


not that i'm one to dwell on the weather,* but it's. so. cold. i'm tired of being cold. lately the issue is the bright golden sunshine that deceives me again and again into thinking it'll be a little bit warmer outside than it was the day before. this is my white whine of the week, and now i'll stop. i suppose that pitiful introduction is simply to explain why i wander around the inside of my house taking pictures of things. there's some pretty light going on outside, but i don't feel like going out there.

this little man lives in my room.

this happened.

while i was making a vegetarian "chicken" pot pie last night. boy was i glad my toe wasn't right there. or my dog!

i'm on big love season two.
catching up on new yorkers.
still working on the freelance writing thing (i love it).
sewing labels in a new batch of spring time tees.
also watching downton abbey.
listening to yeasayer (one of isaac's current favorites).
drinking so much tea.
also watching boardwalk empire with mark.

i forgot to tell you we bought a new mattress! this is big news for the many readers of this blog who have slept on my lumpy old (approximately 17 years old, to be exact) futon. we got the absolute cheapest fake-memory foam mattress we could find. it's well reviewed online. to tell you the truth, the jury is still out on whether or not it's going to change our lives. our old futon is still on our bedroom floor, serving as the most luxurious dog bed minnow ever had, and simultaneously blocking my closet door from opening, so i've been wearing the same pair of pants every day for a week. the new mattress is returnable for 90 days, although how the hell we'd get it back to the store in our hyundai i can't even begin to imagine (it came folded into an impossibly small rectangle, in a box). anyway, i think it is a vast improvement over the horrible futon. come sleep over at my house and you can try it out for yourself!

*ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Logical Libby said...

Did you sleep on a futon for 17 years? How are you still walking?

Liz Woodbury said...

MY POINT EXACTLY! i am a woman of a certain age! my hips are achy! i have a husband who shrugs and says, "i don't know, i kind of LIKE this futon." and a mattress is a major major purchase, so it's something the two people who sleep on it have to kind of mutually decide on...and we're broke!!

Christine Siracusa said...

New mattress is a huge deal. We did it this year, too. Life changer. Also just wanted to say I love Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith is delicious.

mama d said...

I am a huge fan of memory foam, so I congratulate you on your purchase! I bought a very cheap memory foam mattress for Alison's room, and it seemed very hard at first, but they say that it's great to sleep on...the only thing about those mattresses is if the room is really cold, they can turn into rocks! Can't wait for the next installment of Downton Abbey!