Wednesday, March 02, 2011


mark and i skyped with the travelers the morning! we were happy to hear they made it easily to dharamsala and found a hotel in mcleod ganj. the bus ride turned out to be much shorter than they imagined -- ten hours instead of sixteen. they don't even realize how intrepid they are. max's blog has his first impressions of this new part of india. they've already made a friend and bought warm clothes. they reported that there are a lot of hippies there and plenty of hippie clothes available to buy (and just then i could see a guy in a rainbow-striped sweater pass behind them in the internet cafe). max also got a few photos up on flickr. the picture above is the answer to our question, "what do the himalayas look like, max?"


mama d said...

They ARE very intrepid! I'm sure this part of the trip will be like being in a completely different country!

Melissa Crowe said...

My favorite thing about Max's blog is that he calls Z. his "lovely romantic friend." So cute.