Thursday, February 10, 2011

there is time for work. and time for love. that leaves no other time!*

my mom sent me a link to these stunning australian mug shots that were taken in the 1920s. they're unbelievably stylish; criminals dressed so fashionably back then, and had such fabulous hair and accessories. in australia, anyway. there's a link to the sydney justice & police museum's larger collection of crime photos from a period between the 20s and the late 1950s, and they're amazing. above is the one i'd like to use on a business card or resume for myself. or, not really, but for something! look at that sewing machine just behind that dead body!

*coco chanel


Julie Falatko said...

Ah yes, I have my own odd pangs for A Time When All Wore Hats.

That photo, plus your headline, led me to think that that wasn't a dead person, but just a really tired person (one who had worked to much, and had time for little else).

Melissa Crowe said...

How about as the cover of your first book? Ahem.

Liz Woodbury said...

yeah, me too, julie (both the hats and the image of that person as an EXHAUSTED lady who's been sewing all day and just needs a nice lie down on the floor).

wow, what a good idea, m -- that's practically enough incentive right there to actually write one!

erin said...

Oh No! I am never ever going to leave the computer now. I'll be looking at all those photos for decades.

You heard me, decades.

Mary said...

get started on that book, Liz !!