Friday, February 04, 2011


okay, when i get a "letter" addressed to "melizabeth," it makes me laugh scornfully. for some reason, it's always these faux "real" pieces of mail, with imitation "handwriting" on them, whose senders think my name is "melizabeth." ha!

mark was gone for a week (stranded in new york during the latest snowpocalypse), and the entire time our bed looked like this. when he's home, the bed actually gets made in the morning, all tidy-like. in many aspects of housekeeping, i am much neater than he is, but when it comes to the bed, i'm a slob. also, when i have it all to myself i sleep sprawled across it, arranged in my special pillow nest (at least four pillows, in answer to your unasked query). oh, and that's minnow's stuffed animal, not mine.

the sun! when it deigns to shine, it comes in at such a nice angle in the afternoon, just walking into the kitchen can cheer me up. and it's still light at 4:45pm!


Melissa Crowe said...

But WHY do they think your name is Melizabeth?

P.S. I feel like that would be our couple name if we were married. (You know, like "Brangelina?")

Liz Woodbury said...

yeah, actually people should probably start calling us that anyway (my brother david calls his spouse/daughter combo "stellen," but i'm not sure what he'll do when baby number two comes along!)

the reason they think my name is melizabeth is that my legal name is Mary Elizabeth Woodbury, and my name on, for example, my credit card, is M. Elizabeth.

and my toothbrush is purple. now you know everything about me.

erin said...

Jeremiah sleeps in his clothes more than half of the times he sleeps. Which I find obscene and ridiculous.


My toothbrush is always red. And now you know everything about me.

Also, can you email me and tell me who you buy t-shirts from. I'm looking at this Edun company.

Julie Falatko said...

Dave sleeps in his clothes every night. Whereas I have some complex pajama configuration. So he gets in bed, turns his light out, and is snoring, and I'm still fully dressed and applying the first of two eye creams, or something.

And when he's out of town, I do the pillow nest bed sprawl too.

Julie Falatko said...

Also, I'm surprised Melizabeth isn't something People Are Naming Their Kids Thesedays. I suppose it's not crazy enough, doesn't start with a K, or have a Y in it. It would have to be Kelizybeth. Or Kelizybethen.

Liz Woodbury said...

i have to say, i am SHOCKED to learn about this man thing of sleeping in one's clothes! mark is a pajama man himself, and i don't think i'd be able to fall asleep in my regular daytime clothes. maybe it's because men don't wear bras that they don't realize you need a whole separate set of clothes for bedtime? i'm going to have to do a poll about this.

i know someone who sleeps in her clothes for fear she'll have to jump up and escape the house in the night. she just wants to be ready. when mark's out of town and i hear a scary noise, i just imagine jumping up and escaping in my red polka dotted jammies, personally.

also, julie! i bet there IS some poor child out there named melizabeth. or jalizabeth. kellizabeth. jezybeth?

and also! even though he's a pj man, mark's routine takes him about 15 seconds, whereas mine feels infinite -- creams, floss, a drink of water, another pee, pillow setup...

Julie Falatko said...

I should probably clarify: he sleeps in the shirt he wore all day, but takes his pants off, unless it's really cold. This is probably more about my husband than I should unleash to the interwebs. I did buy him some eye cream in an attempt to lengthen his bedtime routine. It's also really frustrating if we mutually decide to read in bed, but then he's done reading by the time I'm ready to start.