Wednesday, February 16, 2011

liz's tips for staying warm

1. buy flowers. it's a splurge, sure, but just looking at these pink tulips raises my body temperature by .5 degrees.

also, these were $4.99 at trader joes, and they're still gorgeous almost a week later.

2. drink endless cups of tea.* not only does it keep your hands warm, the repeated trips to the bathroom to pee are great exercise, and also warming. note also, fingerless gloves, and three sweaters (okay, you can't see that i'm wearing two more sweaters under that one, but i am).

3. not pictured: toaster waffles. so warm in the hand, preferably one waffle per hand. remove fingerless gloves before eating.

*coffee works too, but only one or two cups: any more than that results in a jittery, tooth-clenching anxiety that ultimately only makes you colder.

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