Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my boys

my human boy won a prize! he got wmpg's golden minidisc award for his radio piece about greenwashing and consumerism! i am pretty darn proud of that boy. he's constantly busy with blunt, school, skiing, making stencils, film and music projects... he is kind of amazing, and he's a great dancer besides.

my canine boy just lies around curled in a warm circle. he is basically a big fuzzy pile of staticky fur.

there are times i want to just lie down beside him and be a dog for a day.


drifty said...

Congratulations to Isaac! I LOVE the golden mini-disc award!

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, drifty! i don't know if i'd heard about it before, but i was pretty excited that isaac won it so early in his radio career - he also won $$ for that piece!

drifty said...

It looks good on a resume as well because it's not just for Blunt, it's for all the pieces produced at WMPG in the past year!