Monday, January 17, 2011

is it not meningitis?

(the alleged last words of louisa may alcott.)*

and speaking of illness, my girl has been sick in thailand. she even had an adventure at a thai hospital, where max and tang took her after she was pretty dehydrated. she is feeling much better now, though max got sick last night and is now doing his own recuperating. they are staying at a comfortable guest house in chiang mai where they can just rest and relax until they feel up to more exploration. i am so very thankful for skype, which makes it possible for me to talk to them practically in person, and to see that they really are okay.

back at home, isaac and i have been on our own this weekend while mark works at a trade show in atlanta with a consulting client. yesterday isaac participated on a panel at the great northeast radio rally. he spent the entire weekend working on it with the blunt radio team, and yesterday afternoon he presented his greenwashing piece before an incredibly receptive audience. i watched his panel, and it was really great!

*stitched, by the way, on a piece of an old pair of isaac's pajama pants!


mama d said...

I hope Max is well on his way to being well again so that they can have fun during their remaining time in Thailand! I'm so struck by the relative ease of communication and our current expectations about being able to communicate with the kids when they're away. Of course, it was over 30 years ago, but during my time in Togo, I had no phone communication with anyone from 4/73 until 8/75, when I came back for a month of home leave. Just letters had to suffice, and, although I tried to write home once a week, my mom tells me that I fell short of my goal! I don't want to sound like a fogey, but things are SO different now!

Liz Woodbury said...

me too - i hope their last week in thailand is fun and healthy. you couldn't possibly sound like an old fogey, by the way, drifty...i mean, mama d!

Logical Libby said...

I'm sorry your girl is sick. As my husband always says "the only thing worse than needing a hospital in Thailand is finding a hospital in Thailand."

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, libby. if i thought of it in terms of "she was hospitalized in thailand" it might drive me crazy, so instead i think of it as a wacky adventure!

Drifty said...

My "Vietnamese" brother, who has lived in Hanoi for 5 years, can't say enough good things about the Thai hospitals! In fact, he wishes I would go there for my next hip replacement.

erin said...

Ah, the torture of motherhood.

I remember the first time I got sick when not in my momma's care.

I was 19, in an international dorm house not one hour away from said momma...but I refused to call her even with a spikey fever and not being able to swallow for three days.

My R.A. said I was the bravest non-chinese student she'd ever met. And the stupidest.